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 Safariline Defender Tours has been organizing team building activities for the last two years.

Out of this, we have developed an enviable program which combined with our skill and experience, explores suitable methods of meeting your expectations.

Our Objective

We endeavor to create an interactive environment of learning that is experimental. Our goal is to shift corporate teams to an increased level of communication through trust building and supportive collaboration.

Tell us about your team and we will provide you a customized corporate team building program and event planning ideas that are sure to exceed your expectations.

What is team building

It is collective involvement in a certain activity whereby the group aspires to attain the specific goal for that event.

How does a team achieve its goals

It is important to among other things to clarify the team goals, to identify those issues which inhibit the team from reaching their goals and to address those issues, remove the inhibitors and enable the goals to be achieved.

Our Service Delivery

Corporate Teams

We deliver high-energy corporate team building programs that propel teams to a higher level of performance. All corporate team building programs are customized events that integrate your company’s unique team needs.

The Corporate Team’s commitment is to create a meaningful corporate team building experience for  that propels them to higher levels of performance. The rationale of the Corporate Teams event program is to combine body, mind, and spirit in a way that ensures that every participant finds it inevitable.

Our event planning is created within clients specifications to customize experiences that build upon current team efforts, support meeting themes or augment company principles. In that respect we fine tune corporate team building program which no doubt brings satisfaction to the team members individually and collectively.

In execution of our services, we design and implement of your corporate meeting or retreat in accordance with your specific needs.

Our understanding of a credible Team Event

We recognize that to deliver a team building program that is powerful, well organized, and provide lasting impact requires able facilitators. Our team delivers a tight program whereby participants are actively engaged and challenged to learn and experience throughout the team building process and beyond.

Corporate Teams takes care of all corporate event planning, team building and everything behind the scenes. Coordination includes: Customized Client Requirements; Program Delivery and Facilitation; Venue Logistics; Client Programming Logistics.

Drive towards excellence

Corporate Teams is committed to provide an experience that drive team members to excel and want to revisit it quite enthusiastically.



A singing competition among the team members. Its purpose is to remove the masks & get to know your colleague KYC.


The facilitator leads the team in trust game exercises. Through the activities members learn the importance of being trustworthy and responsible in their work stations.


The activity entails team members walking together wearing one BIG shoe. The aim of the activity is to emphasize the importance of unity and good leadership.


The team members compete to balance a bottle full of water on a plate using their teeth. The goal is to demonstrate the level of productivity while focused.


The Team is given a challenging task to trigger their creative minds to enable them think without the box. The goal is to create room for consultation in challenging tasks.


The activity is done with a bucket full of water. Its purpose is to train on leadership & heading departments within an organization.....Leaders without titles


Teams are given a Marble challenge to run with it to a specified distance without dropping. The goal is to show the effect of inactive or dormant team members within the organization


The aim is to demonstrate the importance of efficient system & workflow in the organization


  1. Teaches time management.                                                                     
  2. Encourages leadership.
  3. Builds morale.
  4. Improves relationships.
  5. Provides motivation.
  6. Increases efficiency.
  7. Generates new ideas.
  8. Builds trust.
  9. Encourages teamwork.
  10. Improves performance.
  11. From team building to team bonding.
  12. Shifting the leaders mind set from “me” to “we”.

 Team building objectives

  • Resolving Conflict.                                              
  • Becoming a High Performance Team.
  • Setting Goals.
  • Managing Difficult People 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brainstorming Innovative Breakthroughs
  • Communication Skills.

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