Lake NAIVASHA, (means ‘rough water’ as sudden storms occur sometime) freshwater lake, slightly north west of Nairobi, in central Kenya. It measures 139 sq km, and is surrounded by privately owned sanctuaries, with beautiful grounds which run down to the lakeshore, and are a grazing ground for hippos every night. It supports 400 bird species. The beautiful Lakes Oloiden and Lake Sonachi neighboring it are home to the Naivasha flamingos. Joy Adamson, Joan Root and numerous other famous conservationists have all had homes on the shores of Lake Naivasha. The Djinn Palace, which gained notoriety during the Happy Valley Days, can be seen from the Lake – and now forms part of Oserian, which is a rose farm, and also a stunning game sanctuary. Lodges on Lake Naivasha are: Olerai House, Mundui Estate, Hippo Point, Loldia House and Chui Lodge, Lake Naivasha Country Club.

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